How SilOHs Snacks became the best Ohio Cookies and Snack company.

Leonard likes to see people smile when they try his cookies for the first time and then when they return and ask for more cookie flavors.

Leonard likes to bake cookies that are soft and chewy just the way his family likes them.


Since 2004 Leonard has been baking cookies, making yummy chocolates, developing new jams and mustard spreads and creating seasonings and spices.

On behalf of the Mohler family, we invite you to try our sweet and savory treats. 




Can't Get Enough Cookies

Leonard is biased; he likes his cookies. He likes using his creative skills to develop new recipes and bring out new flavors that are hard to resist. Over the past 15 years, Leonard has created over 30 cookie flavors like his favorite "Iced Maple Sugar" cookie. 


And we won't forget about the most unique cookie he made in recent years..."The Hot Mango Cookie" and Whoa! that was quite different. Each batch of cookies is made with love and enjoy trying each one of them for yourself.

"Well, this week...I like my new blend of Cherry Onion jam"


Leonard likes all his jams and spreads. He has a hard time choosing his favorite flavor. And Leonard reminded his wife that she has not yet tried all the flavors, but she wants to encourage you to try all the different flavors of jams, spreads and butters.

What makes Leonard's spices so good?

The spices appeal to all types of palates. If you want the Hot Ghost Pepper heat, we got it.


Leonard brings a delicious blend of Flamin' Hot Jalapeño flavor combined with Habanero heat. Each seasoning mix has a unique blend that your family can enjoy in dips, as rubs on your favorite steak, pork chops, or chicken wings. You can also season your fries and eggs for a real treat!

What is Leonard's favorite jam that he makes?
(or should he say spread)